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Truth Shines Through

Words and Music (Verses): Randall Effner
Music (chorus): Zhen Yu
Vocals: Sara Effner
Guitar: Randall Effner
Acoustic Bass: Kevin Hennessy


The persecution of Falun Gong in China, which began in 1999, has not only been extraordinarily brutal, but also all-encompassing in its scope, in a way that is often difficult for people in the West to fully grasp. When, without any justification, this peaceful spiritual practice was targeted for eradication by Jiang Zemin and a few of his cohorts in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), not only were all the usual state-controlled agents of suppression-the numerous police agencies-called into action, but also just about every other institution of society as well. Even schools, hospitals and businesses were forced to take part in the persecution. The media in China played a major role in this effort by broadcasting the CCP's lies and fabrications about Falun Gong nonstop. Every newspaper report and television show covering this subject had but one purpose: to demonize Falun Gong so as to make the persecution palatable to the Chinese people and the outside world.

Truth Shines Through

In the face of this onslaught, Falun Gong practitioners were hard pressed to find ways to tell their story. The world needed to know the truth, but Falun Gong practitioners were not allowed to speak through any media-not radio, not TV, not newspapers-and they could use the Internet only by first breaking through the CCP's Internet blockade. So they took their message to the streets via the only method that was available to them: through small, individual actions such as talking to people one on one, unfurling a banner on Tiananmen Square, hanging a banner on a tree or from the window of a building, putting a poster on a wall, or pasting a message to a utility pole. It was dangerous work that took a lot of courage. In the past nine years, many thousands of innocent people have been imprisoned or even lost their lives for daring to proclaim this truth: "Falun Dafa Hao,"(Falun Dafa is good).

We'd like to acknowledge the inspiration we received from artist Dong Xiqang's painting "Banner," which tours the world with the "Truth Compassion Forbearance Art Exhibition." And, for a more complete picture of the persecution and the story behind this song, we would also like to direct everyone's attention to Issue 6 of Compassion Magazine, especially the article, "Righteous Resistance."


When the sky above Beijing
Grew dark and menacing,
And terror rained down on
The Falun Gong

Against the Party's lies and schemes
They used every peaceful means
To explain that seeking goodness
Is not wrong.

Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao

With her baby at her side
With Compassion as her guide
A young mother sews a banner

On a golden yellow field
She fashions her appeal
The red letters spell these words
For all to see:

Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao

Then she goes to Tiananmen Square
Holds her banner in the air
Majestic, like a timeless
Work of art

The policemen circle 'round
But she calmly stands her ground
And cries out from the bottom
Of her heart:

Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao

Humankind will soon take heed
Of the greatness of her deed
And her sacrifice for every
Living being

Back when so many were misled
Bit by bit the truth was spread
And now all around the world
The people sing:

Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa Hao

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