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The Bright Road

Words and Music by Randall Effner
Vocals: Randall and Sara Effner
Guitar: Randall Effner
Violin: Susanna Halden

"The Bright Road" recounts an allegorical spiritual journey and shows how mankind, while lost in delusion, will invariably go astray without proper guidance from higher principles. In this world, there are many ordinary roads, but only a Bright Road can take us where we truly want to go: back to that place of purity which is our true selves and our true home.


Climbing up Mt. History through the clouds and rain
Seems like ages that I've had to roam
Push ahead then trip and fall then get back up again
Looking for the way that leads back home
Looking for the Bright Road
Bright Road

Two roads diverged deep in the woods and I heard the poet say
Which one you choose makes all the difference
But when a flower greets the sun it can only bloom one way
And it's not a matter of coincidence
Bright Road
Bright Road

One road promised me delights
The other misery
But neither of those roads were bright
So they led to the same destiny

Trying to find a shortcut home, I crossed a living stream
But I slipped and fell while stepping on a stone
My wish to rise above it all seemed like a hollow dream
The icy water soaked me to the bone
Bright Road
Bright Road

The current took me down and down, it didn't help to swim
I felt anger, pride and jealousy and greed
The worldly pleasures I indulged on every passing whim
And I strove against my brothers to succeed
Looking for the Bright Road
Bright Road

The more I struggled to get free
The tighter were my chains
The way home kept eluding me
The more I sought to gain

The sun had gone down in the West, I sat down and cried
I realized I'd never be released
From the mess I'd made by doing things without a proper guide
Then a golden beam of light came from the East
Showing me the Bright Road
Bright Road

The Road to Life stretched out for miles, I wiped away the tears
It was smooth and straight but narrow as a thread
It was always right before my eyes, all those painful years
I couldn't see it for the notions in my head
Bright Road
Bright Road

Every road I thought was bright
Had a dark side too
Everything I thought was right
Turned out was just half true

Once you find the way back home no matter what transpires
Keep walking on that road and do not stray
Be truthful, kind and tolerant, restrain selfish desires
And choose a noble role in this great play
Bright Road
Bright Road

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