Justice Will Prevail >> Feels like 1936 Again

Feels Like 1936 Again
Words and Music by Randall Effner
Vocals: Randall and Sara Effner
Guitar: Randall Effner
Harmonica: Henry Clay

With the ugly specter of genocide hanging in the air once again, the similarities between the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing have become more and more obvious. In both cases, appeasement trumped principle, and brutal regimes ruled by political parties that were a menace to both their own citizens and the rest of the world were granted the privilege of hosting the Games for their own prestige and glorification.

But around the world, courageous people of conscience are stepping forward and saying, “The Olympics and Crimes Against Humanity Cannot Co-exist in China.” Here, we would like to announce our support for the Human Rights Torch Relay, and we dedicate this song to the success of its mission.


The Olympic Spirit hangs its head in shame
When police states are allowed to host the games
Like Germany when Hitler reigned supreme
Seeking glory for his murderous regime

Now China wants to shine upon that stage
East and West are eager to engage
But human rights the CCP disdains
Feels like 1936 again.

Can you hold an international track meet
When you got a labor camp right down the street?
Can you sponsor the Olympics in 08
When you still imprison people for their faith?

The CCP will change what can be seen
They’ll even paint the grass and mountains green
But their evil nature always will remain
Feels like 1936 again.

They torture people seven days a week
The shock batons are sizzling as we speak
They harvest organs from the Falun Gong
Then cremate them to hide what’s going on.

Put me on your blacklist I don’t care
I hope the people boycott this affair
The stench of genocide is in the wind
Feels like 1936 again.

Reports about the slaughter of the Jews
Quite often didn’t even make the news
The world still seems to have a tendency
To ignore big crimes against humanity

When virtue comes in second place to trade
Freedom, hope and justice start to fade
The Olympic flame is flickering and dim
Feels like 1936 again

Copyright ©2009 Justice Will Prevail