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Hulia of the Mountains
Words and Music: Randall Effner
Vocals: Randall and Sara Effner
Guitar: Randall Effner
Harmonica: Henry Clay

Up to now our songs have focused primarily on exposing the persecution of Falun Gong in China and chronicling the noble, non-violent resistance of the practitioners to that persecution. This is the most urgent task, as people are suffering torture and death every day for their faith under the despotic rule of the Chinese Communist Party. But in emphasizing the persecution, we have neglected to inform people about an important reason 70 to 100 million Chinese people started practicing Falun Gong before the persecution: its tremendous ability to heal illness and promote mental and spiritual well-being.

We came upon the story of Hulia in the book Life and Hope Renewed: The Healing Power of Falun Dafa. It tells how a native American woman living in the mountains of Peru--about as far away from China as one can get--is introduced to the practice by her son, who gave her a copy of the book Falun Gong. Then, like millions of others both in China and in every corner of the world, she experienced a healing miracle and a new life.

Zhuan Falun
By Li Hongzhi

This book comprises the principal teachings of Falun Gong (also
known as Falun Dafa).

Falun Gong
By Li Hongzhi

An introduction to Falun Gong

Life and Hope Renewed
The Healing Power of Falun Dafa

A collection of short articles by people who were healed of serious, life-threatening illnesses through their practice of Falun Gong.
Compiled by the editors of
Falun Dafa-Minghui.org


In the mountains of Peru, there is a place well known
As the Lost City of the Incas, built out of solid stone,
Here the native woman Hulia lived and raised four sons,
Cultivating barren land, her work was never done.

One by one her sons grew up, and had to move away
They could not make it on the land, much to her dismay
Hulia's health declined a bit with every passing year
Her back was bowed, her eyes were dim, she could no longer hear

Life is hard, she said,
But life is grand
In the midst of pain and suffering
We come to understand
We understand.

Then one day she saw a man come walking very fast
She realized her youngest son had come back home at last
She rejoiced to see his face with such a healthy glow
He'd been sickly when he left, so many years ago

“With this book,” he said to her, “My life's been renewed
And I believe with all my heart, it can do the same for you
Treasure what the Teacher says and you will come to see
Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is the key”

Something stirred in Hulia's heart, a tear fell from her eye
She held the book close to her chest and looked up at the sky
She tried to move her lips to speak but no words ever came
She sensed the life she'd always known would never be the same.

Life is hard, she said
But life is grand
In the midst of pain and suffering,
We come to understand
We understand

Hulia was delighted after eighty years of toil
To cultivate her character and find it fertile soil
She marveled at the mysteries that the book explained
First her vision was restored then she could hear again!

Now in her room a photograph is hanging on the wall
Hulia stands there every day and looks at it a while,
She thinks of all the wondrous things that have come to be
Then nods her head and softly says, "Thank you, Master Li."

"Thank you, Teacher, thank you, that's all that I can say
I try to be deserving of all you do for me each day
I hear the children playing now, and the songbirds up on high
You've given me for free what gold and silver cannot buy.

Life is hard, she said
But life is grand
In the midst of pain and suffering,
We come to understand,
We understand.

Machu Picchu, The Lost City of the Incas





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